What are the Aims of a Responsible Collectors?

Collecting Firearms is a serious business, but one that brings personal satisfaction and enjoyment to those who are involved. However, the responsibility that a collector takes onto himself goes beyond this and extends to the preservation and custodianship of an item. Every collector should acknowledge that his custodianship may be brief and that one [...]

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What are the Benefits of SAAACA Membership?

SAAACA is an association that enables collectors of firearms and ammunition to legally exercise their hobby and interest. The association provides guidelines to its members, updates members on new or changing legislation. The SAAACA executive committee also fulfils an important role in the administration of the Certification of  "Approval for Collection" for a Collectable [...]

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What does Membership Cost?

For 2017, the initial enrolment fee is R200.00 and the annual membership fee is R600.00. This is subject to review and revision on an annual basis.

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How long will my application take?

Your application will take several weeks to assess and confirm. Once the assessment is made, the secretary will confirm your membership number and will forward you an invoice for your initial enrolment and annual membership fee.

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How do I apply for SAAACA Membership?

Fill in the application form overleaf (SAAACAMP-Form 02), and email the completed form to secretary@saaacamp.co.za. Once your application has been assessed, you will be contacted by the secretary of the association who will inform you on the approval or denial of your application. On approval, you will be invoiced the initial enrolment fee and [...]

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What are Collection Categories?

There are 4 main collector categories, which are indicated on a collector's Certificate of Membership. These categories are used by the SAPS Central Firearms Department to issue a collector with a competency certificate, thereby enabling the collector to apply for licenses for firearms within that category. Category A is for restricted Firearms, Category B [...]

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How does SAAACA Define a Collector?

In simple terms, a Collector is a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby. In SAAACA terms, a collector is a person with an interest in the collection and preservation of firearms, ammunition and related items, and who focuses on specific fields of interest, with one or more [...]

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What is SAAACA?

SAAACA Mpumalanga was established as a non-Profit organization in 2007 and is a registered collector's organization. The mission of SAAACA is to promote the collection, study, restoration, preservation and responsible recreational use of collectable arms, ammunition and related items. SAAACA Mpumalanga is affiliated to NAACCSA, being the National Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association of [...]

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